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Our Milton chiropractic and wellness center was created with you in mind:
a local chiropractor with a convenient location on Ontario Street between
Derry Rd. and Main Street in Milton. Committed staff. Simple procedures.
And clear chiropractic explanations that honor your health goals.

“Everyone thought I was crazy when my figure skating coach
recommended that I see a chiropractor. But the results spoke for
themselves. My chiropractor inspired me to become a chiropractor
and learn everything I could about the natural healing arts. Now, all
these years later, I’m living my dream as Milton’s chiropractor
and wellness coach.”

I have a special commitment to children and youngsters in the
Milton area. As a chiropractor and mother of two, I’m seeing
the positive effects of my advanced pediatric chiropractic
certification training with my own children. Wellness is for
all ages!

“Thank you for visiting our site. Discover Wellness Within of Milton, Ontario was created with you in mind. Give us a call. Let’s set aside some time just for you to explore your health goals and find out what’s possible!”

Dr Heather Jones | Milton Chiropractor | 905 878 5020