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Workshops offered by Discover Wellness Within

Based on excerpts of the Discover Wellness Book and other writings from Dr. Heather Jones, the following workshops offer interactive information and tools to help you get and stay healthy. They explore the components to discovering wellness and provide step by step action steps you can implement today for you and your family. Lecture notes and informative articles are offered to participants. Please register for the workshops at the office or by clicking below.


Health and Wellness Orientation

This workshop is an opportunity for all new practice members, their friends and family who are interested in exploring their health and well-being to learn the true meaning of health and wellness. Offered at the office and in the community, it is the foundation in beginning the journey of discovering wellness. REGISTER

Wellness Conscious Parenting:A holistic approach to raising healthy children

This informative presentation begins with a discussion of holistic pregnancy and information regarding the birth process. Dr. Heather explores recent scientific studies into practical tips for raising healthy children, including dietary options, breastfeeding, sugar, vaccinations, dairy products, processed foods and food allergens. In addition, participants will learn several exercises and techniques to strengthen and/or improve their child’s posture in order to deal with the repercussions of television, backpacks and school seating. REGISTER

Discover Wellness Overview Workshop

This Discover Wellness Overview workshop begins the application of wellness concepts into everyday life. It is the foundation of all the advanced workshops available at Discover Wellness Within and covers the seven components required in discovering wellness. REGISTER

Advanced Workshops

Advanced Workshops are offered at Discover Wellness Within and is also offered in the community. These workshops focuses on improving the connection between your posture, your nerve system and your internal health and well-being. Learn how to maximize your body and energy to get more done, reduce stress, increase energy and feel more connected.

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