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I had heard of Dr. Heather for many years through several friends that have relied on her for chiropractic and wellness for many years. I finally
decided it was time to go. It really was such a wonderful first impression. Dr. Heather was welcoming and knowledgeable. She took the time to really read through my daughter’s profile and respond with care, making us feel valued and in safe hands. She demonstrated how she would use the equipment and what she was doing in language that my 5-year-old could understand. Dr. Heather and Morgan interacted with my daughter in a fun and friendly manner to make her feel comfortable and safe during her first chiropractic experience. We feel really great about our decision to work with Dr. Heather at Discover Wellness Within!

- Jennifer & Sierra W.

I’m in the beginning of 40 but with health issues I have I feel older. Coming and seeing Dr Jones was the key that’s opened the door for me to feel healthy and happy again Dr Jones and Morgan explain everything in simple way and offer you more information by mails. I’m happy to be a member of this lovely family .

- Sally J.

Since this is my first experience with a Chiropractor, I’m very pleased with the environment, detailed explanation provided for my treatment, and the welcoming staff. I feel confident that these treatments will help me in my overall wellness.

- Joan M.

I came to see Dr. Jones as her website indicated that she had been introduced to chiropractic care when she was a competitive figure skater, and was injured. I am a serious golfer and not in pain but not very flexible, so my reason for coming was to increase flexibility and to ensure long term back health. I found Dr. Jones very receptive to my needs. I look forward to working with her.

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